Billboards in Kaunas city

Billboard No.8 J. Basanavičius avenue 62

Billboard is located at J. Basanavicius ave. and Savanoriu ave.
crossroads, in front of grocery store "Hyper Maxima". Close to shopping centres “IKI”, “Hyper Maxima”, “Topo centras”. The billboard can be seen by either drivers and pedestrians.

  • Billboard dimensions - 12 x 25 = 300 m2;
  • 94 000 vehicles goes through this roundabout a day;
  • Statisticly in one car there are 1,5 passanger, so your add would be seen by 141 000 people;
  • If we would add up the people who use public transportation, we would get an impressive amount of potential clients;
  • Billboard is illuminated using advanced Philips light technology.

Billboard position on map