We continue to grow!

In order to satisfy our customer expectations, we continue to expand advertising places. We always follow the information about the most traffic places in Kaunas and dealing how to reach the biggest amount of consumers. And on New Year occasion we make a present for you – a new advertising billboard!

We would like to present and celebrate our new billboard No. 15!

Billboard is located at the main entrance to Kaunas city and biggest Savanoriai ave. crossroads (Murava). This is our first two-sided advertising billboard in Kaunas. It is seen as coming to the city and departing. Billboard visibility is really impressive! 121 000 vehicles goes through this section of Savanoriai avenue a day. Statisticly in one car there are 1,47 passanger, so your add would be seen by 180 000 people. If we would add up the people who use public transportation, we would get an impressive amount of potential clients! We try to make your advertisement to high-quality, so billboard is illuminated using advanced Philips light technology. Billboard is visible 24 hours a day, irrespective of the time of day or weather conditions.

We believe that you can reach your customers at this place!