We love Lithuania!

We celebrate the birthday of a restored Lithuania, we are proud of our country, we strive to be an important and active participant in our country. We value the country's nature and understand the importance of preserving it for future generations. So, for the 100th anniversary of the restored Lithuania, we decorated Lithuania with oaks!

Oak is a symbol of strength and solidity, a tree-monument. In Lithuania, oaks have been kept from time immemorial. We hope our oaks will live for many centuries!

All ten oaks have received names that symbolize something for each member of Neoreklama. At this moment, ten oaks named "Patriot", "Lithuanian", "Optimism", "Sincere", "Positive", "Wind", "Fog", "Art", "Sketch" and "Inspiration" grow up on a high hill in Prienai district.

The names of the oaks in the tables are written in a special SIGNATARO font. SIGNATARO is a font inspired by the Independence Act. This font was born specifically for the Centennial of the restored Lithuania. The font was created following signatory J. Šauli's letter, digitizing his handwriting at Lithuanian Independence Act.