TRY IT! Advertising for free!

2020 01 virelis nemokama reklama

Have you tried outdoor advertising? Try it for free!

We give a new client a rent of a billboard for free for a whole month after signing a contract of 6 months and more.


We'll exhibit your company advertising for free for a whole month!*

  • We choose you advertising spots where your potential customers can see you the best!

  • We suggest you advertising places, where are always the biggest traffic traffic jams!

  • We make sure that billboards are visible all times, 24 hours per day! The advertising places are illuminated with Philips' the most advanced light technology, so you can see them at night!

  • 68% of those who see outdoor advertising will notice and remember your message and 42% of them will influence your purchase decision!

  • One billboard generates about 75,000 views per day!



We select advertising places special for you, depending on your potential customers travel route. We offer the highest traffic-generating advertising places, where are traffic jams all the time.   Advertising billboards are always visible 24 hours a day! Billboard is illuminated using advanced Philips light technology.   Your message will be noticed and remembered by 68% viewers, who saw an outdoor advertisement, and of these viewers 42%  be affected to make the decision what to buy. One advertising place generates about 75,000 views a day!

Outdoor advertising - effective, creative and cheap. This is a great way to reach your customers.
Outdoor advertising raises brand awareness and encourage you to buy!


*The offer is valid after signing the outdoor advertising contract from 6 months.